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are the featured speakers at an immigration ceremony in oakland. >> i'm glad i live in america. >> that's justin tye of olinda elementary school in richmond. he's the first-place winner of the celebrate america creative writing contest. the others are runners-up and read their essays for the swearing in of 1200 new citizens. >> in america, i have a right to get a good education. >> we will accept you for who you are, you can come from here or near afar. >> here i am the land of the free, the land of peace and opportunity. >> also at today's ceremony, dennis wu has been singing at citizenship ceremonies since he was 5. former mayor gavin newsom set aside february 22nd 2008 as dennis wu day. >> reporter: we're live in hayward where city workers are on strike. we'll tell you why they are so fired up and how an earlier confrontation turned nasty. >>> starting to feel like summer again. rosemary orozco will be here to tell you how long this had will last. >>> and ordered to return trophies. the charges of cheating in the america's cup. >>> the father of a 12-year- oldby accused of killing his 8- year
's deputy charged with bank robbery was back in court. he's accused of ronning a bank of america -- robbing a bank of america branch. this week, he was also arrested on a charge of felony grand theft of a firearm. the district attorney's office told us today they will file a motion next month to have the two cases consolidated. prosecutors say they believe the two matters are related but would not give details. >>> solano county has confirmed the first human case of west nile virus. a fairfield man developed the virus after he may have been bitten by a mosquito. they say the man in his 60s is back at home after being in the hospital for a few days. there have been five you human cases of west nile avoice the state this year. one person -- across the state this year. one person has died as a result of the disease. >>> well, on this friday afternoon we have a little warmup, especially aday from the coast, mainly inland areas. north bay, east bay, coast about the same, same for the bay. we're seeing mostly sunny skies. there's some fog kind of hanging on. a lot of it was getting brushed north
. >>> happening now, the qualifying race for the america's cup is underway. all but one race was postponed over the weekend because of high winds. in the single race that happened. luna rossa evened the score. the winner of the challenger's series faces oracle usa for the america's is up in september. >>> protect -- cup in september. >>> protecting lake tahoe. al boer is scheduled to give the keynote speech tonight of the 17th annual tahoe summit. california lawmakers say one issue up for discussion will be finding private money to supplement restoration projects. the summit follows some tension between california and nevada about how to balance lakeside development with environmental protections. >>> a wail that washed ashore today on a marin county beach has died. the fin whale is beached near wall law vista at -- walla vista at the northern end of stinson beach. it appeared weak but alive at the time at 7:00 a.m. marine experts and the fire department were called. they say the whale died around 10:00. the stinson beach fire chief says it's rare to see a live whale wash up at stinson beach. >
test. >>> and president obama awarded a soldier from antioch with america's highest military honor. >>> welcome back. engineers with caltrans say the steel rods and bolts on the new span of the bay bridge have passed some tests and are "cautiously optimistic the bolts don't have to be replaced." these are live pictures of the brick. the test began -- of the bridge. the test began on the bolts that are considered at risk of cracking. more tests will be conducted before the bridge opens next week. the tests were ordered after 32 seismic safety bolts broke back in march. >>> we're in the final stretch before the new span opens to drivers next week. that means we're just days away from the five-day closure of the bridge. ktvu's tara moriarty explains what commuters need to know leading up to this wednesday night's closure. >> reporter: commuters should cross the bridge well before 7:00 wednesday night. that's when the chp will do rolling traffic breaks. >> the closure sucks for the commuters but overall, it will be better for them. >> reporter: melvin has been working on the new easter
day of racing in the america's cup trials after a emotional return yesterday. they have had 9 days of sailing with its newly constructed boat. it had to be rebuilt after it was damaged after a deadly accident on may 9 when it claimed the life of a teammate. >> we meant ed to be out there -- we wanted to be out there with him and competing with us. and that wasn't unfortunate. >> they lost yesterday's race but they are hoping for a victory today in the second heat. that race is set to begin at 1:00 p.m. >>> santa clara county reported its first confirmed human case of west nile this year. officials say the victim was a woman who contracted the disease in july. was hospitalized and now receiverring at home am -- recovering at home. they have had 11 other cases since 2006. the last one in 2011. california had 14 human cases of west nile this year. two have been fatal. >>> new study indicates california failed in its trying to stop the spread of fruit flies. as many as 9 species are now permanently established in california. and they continue to spread. over the past 30 years californi
to remember the speech. the speech was a defining moment in america's civil rights movement was delivered in washington on august 28th, 1963. tonight's event is being held at usf. >>> tonight at 5:00, more on the shark sighting at a popular bay area beach and oakland police address the surge of violence across the city. we look at what's being done to fix the problem. and why some say it's still not enough. >>> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you ut next time news breaks -- you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile have a great day. (elizabeth chuckling) join me my brethren. (chuckling) elizabeth: and whether you're on a bike, a boat, a beach or all the above, island life is the best! that's me, elizabeth. and today my friends, rob pinkston and jimmy bennett are out exploring with me in the bahamas and the florida keys. we're going to discover what makes life on the waters so awesome. and you're coming with us. so, let's go! it all happens right now. all right. this is what not to do when riding a bike. don't know
, common sense way to try to reduce gun violence in america. >> that announcement came during the swearing-in temperature for the new director of the atf. todd jones has been acting director since 2011. a second executive order announced this today. >>> a senior member of the obama administration headed to capitol hill to brief officials on the situation in syria. that came as united nations inspectors left their hotel in damascus to go to an area where the syrian gofd is believed -- government is believed to have used chemical weapons on their people. >>> an east bay congressman says he was briefed on the situation in syria during a recent fact-finding trip to afghanistan and the united arab emirates. he met with troops in afghanistan and military leaders including the top commander of the military force there. he talked with them yesterday and he said the united states must proceed with caution in syria. >> this is a delicate, complicated situation with many actors and we have to make sure that we know what is behind that first dominance because once you tip it, you better know what's be
of injustice, to petition their government for redress until the wake of america's slumbering conscious, we rightly and best remember dr. king that day, how he gave mighty voice to the quiet hopes of millions, how he offered a salvation pass for oppressed an oppressors alike. his words belong to the ages possessing power and prophecy unmatched in our time. we would do well to recall that day itself also belonged to those ordinary people whose names never appeared in the history books, never got on tv, many had gone to segregated schools and sat at segregated lunch counters and lived in towns where they couldn't vote and cities where their votes didn't matter. there were couples in love who couldn't marry, soldiers who fought for freedom abroad that they found denied to them at home. they had seen loved ones beaten and children fire-hosed. and they had every reason to lash out in anger or resign themselves to a bitter fate. and yet, they chose a different path. in the face of hatred, they prayed for their tormenters, in the face of violence, they stood up and sat in with the moral force of n
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8